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Solar Eclipse

1 W. Market St., Corning, NY 14830

  • Dates: April 8, 2024

Solar Eclipse Monday April 8, 2024

By now you have probably heard, on April 8th, 2024 the moon and the sun will do their dance and cast the world into darkness. Sort of. While certain parts of New York State will be in the path of totality (i.e. the most complete darkness), the phenomenon will only last a few minutes.

While total solar eclipses are rare and unusual to witness (the next eclipse that will traverse the contiguous United States is slated for 2044), we have been embracing the solar system for quite some time here in the Finger Lakes.

From Corning’s role making the world’s largest telescope to the special glass it developed for space shuttle windows, from Walter Taylor’s infamous blackout parties at Bully Hill to daredevil speed demons like Glenn Curtiss who helped pave the way for space travel, from Heron Hill Winery's most popular wine for the past twenty years (Eclipse White and Eclipse Red) to a renowned glass artist whose wife is an astronaut.

As a prelude to viewing the solar eclipse in person, spend a fun-filled weekend Exploring Steuben and our connection to the stars.