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Finger Lakes

Antique Wireless Association

6925 State Route 5, Bloomfield, NY 14469

Phone: (585) 257-5119

The Antique Wireless Museum is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of technology used to communicate from the first telegraph to today's wireless text messaging. Experience nearly 200 years of communication technology history and a world-class collection of communications artifacts, including the control room and 250,000 watt transmitter from the Voice of America Station in Delano, California, a Western Union Telegraph office, an exact replica of the Titanic's wireless room and hear the powerful, 1000 watt operating spark transmitter like the type used on the Titanic. Also on display are the world's first experimental FM transmitter, that was tested at the top of the Empire State Building, very rare lab equipment of the type used by Heinrich Hertz to study radio waves in the 1880's, the world's first transistor radio from Bell Labs, the world's first operating cellphone (Serial Number 0001), century-old windup Edison phonographs that still play old-time jazz records for visitors, and hundreds of other fascinating artifacts. Kids of all ages will enjoy this unique museum experience. Hours of operation: Saturdays 1-5 pm (except on holiday weekends) and Tuesdays 10 am-3 pm. Tour groups please email or call 585-257-5119 to arrange special tours.