Haunted History Trail of New York State

The Haunted History Trail of New York State is a ghost lover and scare fanatic’s dream. From hotels hosting ghostly guests to restaurants serving up the supernatural, you can experience paranormal activity firsthand. But it doesn’t stop there! Museums, historic landmarks, cemeteries, theatres and parks are just some of the spooky scenes you can explore.

Discover over 400 years of history whether you decide to participate in a ghost hunt, go on a guided tour or book a stay at one of the haunted inns. With some stories of history and others of tragedy or unexplained phenomena, any eerie explorer will leave with their spine chilling.

There are over 90 haunted locations across New York, and over 20 located right here in the Finger Lakes Region

Cayuga County

Fingerlakes Mall

It is believed that the Fingerlakes Mall is one of Auburn’s most haunted locations. With reports of people being pushed, touched, spoken to, and more, professional ghost investigators have recorded proof of ghosts roaming these halls.

Cortland County

The 1890 House Museum

This home belonged to the entrepreneur and industrialist, Chester Wickwire. With a long history, visitors and staff have encountered multiple haunted activity including hearing footsteps in empty rooms, seeing shadows moving throughout the building, doors opening and closing on their own, mysterious knocking, and even silhouettes standing in windows.

Livingston County

Allegiance Bed & Breakfast

This elegantly restored 1838 mini-White House mansion honors Francis Bellamy who authored our Pledge of Allegiance. However, he is not the soul who frequently pays a visit. Karen and Raymond are two friendly yet mischievous infamous ghosts who have found their permanent home inside this B&B.

Big Tree Inn

Being one of the most familiar landmarks in the historic community of Geneseo, The Big Tree Inn has been around since 1833. Originally owned and operated by the Ayrault’s, they wanted to open their home to all aspects of the Geneseo community. Many souls of those who came and went from the Inn are still seen today.

Rochester/Monroe County

Durand Eastman Park

Nobody really knows who she is or what she's doing - but it has been agreed that "The White Lady" can be seen around this Rochester park. The ghost of a lady has been spotted for decades along the roadways of this park and even local law enforcement can’t explain the eerie occurrences. 

Union Tavern

The New England style tavern offers delicious food, cold drinks, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere to all visitors, especially the spiritual kind. There have been common sightings of a ghostly woman standing by the fireplace as well as doors opening on their own and faint sounds of whistling.

Syracuse/Onondaga County

13 Curves on Onondaga Hill

On Cedarville Road just miles outside of Syracuse, a terrifying car accident happened over 60 years ago, instantly killing a newlywed couple. Some say the bride can still be seen wandering the curvy road perhaps searching for her groom.

Erie Canal Museum

The Erie Canal Museum preserves the life of the last remaining Weighlock Building in America. It also preserves the life of several ghosts who are often seen playing in the courtyard or running down the 150-year-old hallways.

Split Rock Quarry

Split Rock is a hazardous munitions plant that unexpectedly exploded in 1918 killing over 50 men. Today, the location is nothing more than rock and old broken-down pieces of machinery. People who bravely decide to venture out to the remains report the sounds of creepy footsteps, voices in the distance, and even the revving of the old machinery.

The Landmark Theatre

Just years after the theatre opened its doors, a young girl name Clarissa fell from the balcony to her tragic death. Ever since, she often appears at unexpected times to workers and guests, especially if they aren’t following the rules.

Wayside Irish Pub

Originally built in the 1800s, the “Munroe House” was an inn welcoming any and all until it was shut down after two fires. Since reopening as the Irish Pub, ghostly activity has been reported for decades. With a vast and tragic history, many spirits still visit this location and are known to touch, poke, and even pull the hair of patrons.

Ontario County

Belhurst Castle

Check into Belhurst Castle and you might spend the night with a ghost. Locals call this place the “Haunted Houses” with its numerous haunted tales and complicated history. Many reports from guests include strange activity such as showers turning on, glasses flying off the shelves, even hearing soft lullabies and furniture moving above them.

Seneca County

Seneca Falls Historical Society

This building is located on ten acres of land amongst a carriage house, tool shed, vineyard, garden, and orchard. Back in 1875, Mrs. Leroy Partridge purchased the house from the Mynderse Family and began extensive remodeling and updating which upset them. To this day, the ghost of Edward Mynderse plays tricks on the Historical Society staff and lets his presence be known.

Tioga County

1867 Parkview Inn

Since 1867, Parkview Inn has either been a hotel or a restaurant or sometimes operating as both. Most guests rest easy through the night or enjoy a bite to eat unbothered but owner, Beth Johnson, has many uneasy stories to tell. A more popular one being of the infamous little girl who passed in a fire at the Inn and is still seen walking the halls.

Fainting Goat Island Inn

As a former railroad hotel built in the late 1880s, the Fainting Goat Island Inn has lots of history and stories. Fainting Goat Island was voted the #2 Best Haunted Hotel in the United States. Being such a wonderful place to visit and stay, some former “guests” have never left and aren’t ashamed to come out and play!

Wayne County

Historic Palmyra WM. Phelps General Store & Historic Palmyra Historical Museum

Explore these two buildings for yourself to hunt for the unseen who have been known to whisper and even touch you. Offering years of experience and a multitude of unusual happenings, spirits are in both buildings and not afraid to introduce themselves.

Museum of Wayne County History

Back in 1860, a man known by William Fee was convicted of murder and sentenced to hang. Hung right inside the Wayne County jail, he was the only man ever hung in town. Today, the 24 cells of the former jail are open to investigation completed with original inmate artwork. See for yourself if you can spot William still walking the cellblock.

The Fox Sisters Property/Hydesville Memorial Park

Kate and Maggie Fox were two young girls that began modern Spiritualism, eventually becoming famous world-traveling museums. Their journey began shortly after moving into a new house. Strange rapping noises would keep them up at night until they learned how to communicate with the noises. Once learning the spirit's history - a peddler who had been murdered in the house, the family tried for years to find his remains. It wasn't until after the Fox Sisters had passed, that the peddler's bones were discovered in the crumbling walls of the home.

Yates County

Bishop/Gillette Headstone

On the gravestone of the Gillette family, it is said that if you look close enough, you’ll be able to see an image of a reclining head. Commonly known as the “Lady in Granite”, Matilda Gillette seems to be slowly appearing on the stone. The thought is that soon enough her whole body will be seen and she will be able to haunt the community.

Miles Wine Cellars

Located in a Greek revival mansion overlooking Seneca Lake, the home of Miles Wine Cellar was originally built in 1802 and is no stranger to spirits (bottled and otherworldly). Eerie stories such as slamming doors and strange footsteps have puzzled this property for years. So much so, Miles has produced a popular “ghost” wine!

Spook Hill

Get in your car and follow the directions on the Haunted History Trail’s website to lead you to Spook Hill. Once you’re there, put your car in neutral and be spooked as your car starts to roll backward up the hill!

Feeling brave? Visit the Haunted History Trail website for more information. Happy haunting!