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Cideries & Distilleries

Cideries & Distilleries

Cideries & Distilleries



Cideries & Distilleries

A Taste of Local Culture

The Finger Lakes’ reputation for winemaking is well-established, but our craft beverage scene is rapidly gaining acclaim. From award-winning cideries to innovative distilleries, you’ll find a diverse array of local libations that capture the region’s full spectrum of flavors.

The Finger Lakes Cider House at Good Life Farm serves as the epicenter of the region’s cider renaissance, showcasing artisanal ciders crafted by local producers who are dedicated to harnessing the unique terroir of farm-based orchards. Fancy something wild? South Hill Cider is cooking up magic with hand-foraged wild apples and apples plucked from abandoned orchards. And let’s not forget about Star Cider, where they’re turning local ingredients into cider gold.

Black Button Distilling stands as a beacon of excellence, leading the way in a new era of craft distillation in Rochester. Renowned for their gin, bourbon, and vodka, it’s their indulgent bourbon cream that often steals the spotlight. In Skaneateles, Last Shot Distillery invites visitors to experience the art of small-batch spirits and crafted cocktails within the historic confines of an old industrial building, while Burdett’s Finger Lakes Distilling harnesses locally sourced fruits and grains to craft premium, handmade spirits, notably showcased in their flagship line of McKenzie Whiskies. And if you’re brave enough, venture to Dragonfyre Distillery for whiskey and medieval vibes.

Whether you’re drawn to the crisp bite of hard cider or the complexity of spirits, there’s no shortage of options awaiting your discovery. Embark on a journey of taste and exploration along the ROC/FLX Craft Beverage Trail, where each stop offers direct access to the region’s vibrant craft beverage culture.

So, raise a glass, savor the flavors, and let the Finger Lakes enchant you. Cheers to endless possibilities and unforgettable experiences. Read on for a sampling of some of our local favorites, and be sure to explore each county for many more choices!

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