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Haunted History Trail

Haunted History Trail

Haunted History Trail

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Are You Afraid of The Dark?

The Finger Lakes Region is known the world round for its beautiful scenery, award-winning wine, and the trapped spirits calling out from beyond the veil. The Haunted History Trail of New York State is every ghost lover’s dream, offering over 90 spine-chilling locations hiding in plain sight. From haunted hotels to eerie restaurants, museums to historic landmarks, each site teems with paranormal activity waiting to be experienced firsthand. Take part in ghost hunts, and guided tours, or book a stay at one of the haunted inns for a chance to encounter over 400 years of chilling history. And just remember, these are only the locations people have reported…who knows what else is waiting to be found in The Finger Lakes. 

In Cayuga County, the Fingerlakes Mall is a hotspot for ghostly encounters, with reports of mysterious touches and voices captured by professional investigators. Cortland County’s 1890 House Museum is rife with haunted activity, from moving shadows to unexplained knocking, while Livingston County is home to the Allegiance Bed & Breakfast, which people claim hosts two friendly yet mischievous ghosts. Explore more eerie locales across New York State, from parks to quarries, each with its own ghostly tales to tell.

In Syracuse/Onondaga County, the 13 Curves on Onondaga Hill hold the tragic tale of a newlywed couple, while the Erie Canal Museum echoes with the laughter of ghostly children playing in its courtyard. Be sure to visit Tioga County where you’ll find the 1867 Parkview Inn, which is the forever home of the ghost of a little girl who perished in a fire, and the guests who never checked out of the Fainting Goat Island Inn.

In Wayne County, the Historic Palmyra WM. Phelps General Store & Historic Palmyra Historical Museum are whispered to be haunted by unseen spirits, while the Museum of Wayne County History is watched over by the ghost of a convicted murderer. If you’re spending time in Yates County, be sure to pay the Bishop/Gillette Headstone a visit and see if you’re (un)fortunate enough to see the figure of the “Lady in Granite” slowly reveal herself. The Miles Wine Cellars offers more than bottled spirits, there is said to be a collection of otherworldly souls that haunt the grounds. Don’t miss the chance to experience Spook Hill, where your car mysteriously rolls backward up the hill, adding another layer of mystery to your haunted adventure on the Haunted History Trail of New York State.

The Finger Lakes Region is full of stories waiting to be told, and spirits who may be still trying to tell their own tale. Are you brave enough to explore beyond the beauty of this stunning landscape? Visit our partner sites to find your portal to the Haunted History Trail.