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Ways to Celebrate National Goof Off Day

Ways to Celebrate National Goof Off Day

National Goof Off Day is March 22, and what better way to celebrate by trying something new and a little silly? We all need a day to kick back and have fun! And whether your definition of a goof off day involves exploration, silliness, or doing whatever you please, we’ve got you covered.

Recharge with Forest Bathing.

Forest Bathing or Shinrin-Yoku is a Japanese concept that involves immersing yourself in the medicine of the forest. Finger Lakes Forest Immersion walks and retreats are based on a guided mindful meditation practice to access the peace, vitality, creativity and renewal of the forest. What better way to spend your goof off day than by resting and recharging your mind in nature? You may feel silly at first, but you’ll feel like a whole new person when you leave.

Forest Bathing stock photo

See the only known two-story outhouse at the Howe House Museum

If unusual historical attractions are your thing, head to the Howe House Museum to see the only known two-story outhouse! Originally built in 1869, the two-story outhouse was added to the home to accommodate a growing family. The first floor outhouse accommodates three, as does the second floor, but the second floor is only accessible by walking across the roof. Visiting this unique site is not only a goof-off day well spent, but also a great story to break out at parties. Silly and interesting- that’s our kind of goofing off!

Howe House Museum

Let your imagination soar at the Glenn Curtiss Museum

Glenn Curtiss, pioneer aviator and legendary fastest man on earth, lived in Hammondsport where the museum that bears his names now stands. He was a voracious driver, winning awards and breaking world records in planes and motorcycles. He once hit a world record speed of 136.4 mph on his motorcycle. Widely considered the father of naval aviation, the museum includes a sizable collection of early aircraft and motorcycles including originals and reproductions. Learning + goofing off = a great way to spend a day. 

Glenn Curtiss Museum

Photo Provided by Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes, credit to Stu Gallagher

Let nature inspire you at Cornell Botanic Gardens

If the winter blues have you feeling trapped and well, blue, head to the Cornell Botanic Gardens for an explosion of life and color. From gorge hikes and aboretums to garden strolls and greenhouses, this four-season garden is bursting with life, color, and peace. Come for a stroll or an event to learn more about the environment and plants they grow. Bonus- your selfies of goofing off here are sure to inspire serious FOMO (fear of missing out) with your friends.

Cornell Botanic Gardens

Photo Provided by Visit Ithaca

Do whatever you want at del Lago Resort and Casino

Spa day? Check. Table games and slots? Check. An abundance of shows, restaurants, and bars? Check, check, and check! Whatever you want to do on your goof off day, del Lago has you covered. You can even extend your goof off day into a goof off weekend with their hotel packages and specials.

del Lago poker tables

Photo Provided by Seneca County Chamber