Martha Coffin Wright (1806-1875)

Diehard suffragist, organizer of the first Women’s Rights Convention

When it came to equal rights advocacy, Martha was the real deal. She joined the abolitionist movement at age 26 and opened her home as a station on the Underground Railroad, welcoming Harriet Tubman and other freedom seekers on their way to Canada. She and Harriet would remain close friends throughout the rest of their lives. In 1848, at age 42, Wright and her slightly more famous sister, Lucretia (Coffin) Mott, joined Elizabeth Cady Stanton and two other women in organizing the first Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls. Wright remained active in the suffragist and women’s rights movement for the rest of her life, working closely with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony on both state and national levels. Wright’s legacy, following her passing in 1875, lived on through two of her daughters and then through a granddaughter, who all continued her fight for women’s rights. Clearly, the brave-woman gene runs strong in the Coffin family.

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